Over 3,200 records are now available to help you document your family history.
New!  1773 TAXATION CENSUS OF LITMANOVA - did your ancestors live there 230 years ago?
Updated February 2004 - immigration database increased to 1,361 records
If your surname is not listed as a search option, select the last option, "ALL OTHER SURNAMES".
Name spellings vary between Latin, Hungarian, Rusyn and Slovak forms, depending on the source and period.
Most immigration records have "Statue of Liberty" icons, which will direct you to the original ship manifests on the Ellis Island website: www.ellisislandrecords.org.
Examination of marriage and birth records usually can identify 2-3 previous generations of your family tree.
Consult the Research Tips page for more information specific to Litmanova family records.
Informative statistics have been compiled about the Immigration database and Births database.

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