Born as Vasil Andrejčik on June 21, 1881 in Litmanova, Slovakia, to Michal Andrejčik and Maria Marčišak.

Arrived in the USA on August 28, 1900, at age 19, on the ship Grosser Kurfurst sailing from Bremen to New York. Returned to Litmanova in 1906.

Married Christina Hlinka on November 7, 1909 in Litmanova, at age 28.

Arrived in the USA again on March 14, 1910, at age 28, on the ship Darmstadt sailing from Bremen to New York. Christina followed him in 1912.

Charles and Christina had 6 children: Andrew, Charles, Helen, Mary, Michael and Stephen.

Resided for several years in Banning, PA, and later moved to Gates, Fayette county, PA, where he was employed as a coal miner.

Died on March 29, 1955 in Gates, PA at age 73. Buried in Mount Saint Macrina cemetery in Uniontown, PA.

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